Vienna Rehabilitation Center Reviews

“I have been in the medical profession for 25 years and have seen many rehab facilities. I am so impressed with your facility and am very proud to send Medcore patients to rehab with you. I can say I only wish all facilities could take your example. It’s not just the esthetics, because it is very beautiful, but it’s the integrity and passion that your staff display. Your facility is one of the best in Northern California.”

Connie Howells, LVN
Medcore OMNI Health Services

“Everything they did at Vienna was geared to get me back on my feet as quickly and easily as possible.

“Rehab could be drudgery — but the therapists actually made it fun. They used new equipment and different techniques that helped improve my balance and enabled me to walk again. Plus, everyone at Vienna was so friendly and accommodating to my needs.”

John Guilfoyle
Lodi Sports Hall of Fame, UOP Athletic Hall of Fame and former Stockton High coach

Note: Following hip replacement surgery, John completed one month each as an inpatient and outpatient at Vienna. He was one of the first outpatients at Vienna’s new rehab facility in December 2011.

“I’m up and about again. And that makes me and my family very happy.”

Following her rehab here after hip replacement surgery, Pat Freeman pronounced the Vienna nursing and physical therapy staff “absolutely outstanding.”

“They’re kind and gentle, and very positive. But they’re also aggressive in their desire to see you improve. When you have someone truly interested in your recovery, it makes you want to work even harder,” Pat says.

Pat doesn’t stay still for long. She was anxious to return to her duties with the Lodi Police Department’s Partners Program, where she’s a trained volunteer who’s been honored for her service in recruitment and patrolling city streets, parks and schools to make Lodi a safer place.

Patricia Freeman,
R.N. and Registered Nurse Educator, retired
Lodi Police Dept. Partners volunteer, 19 years

“Thank you, Vienna — for giving me back my life.”

Joseph Caselli came to Vienna after a 60-day hospital stay. “I couldn’t walk, I was on dialysis, and the pain was so severe… I thought I was on my deathbed,” he recalls. “I thought I’d never be able to go back home.”

Joseph credits Vienna’s nursing and rehab staff for turning around his health and outlook. “Everyone was compassionate and knew exactly what I needed. They listened to me not just as a patient, but as a person.”

Today, Joseph is walking again and is off dialysis. “Because of Vienna, I’m able to live at home and travel,” Joseph says. “I’ve regained my life.”

Joseph Caselli
San Joaquin County

"This was my second time at Vienna, and I would never go anywhere else for rehab. The therapists are so kind and thoughtful. The staff makes you feel safe and welcomed all the time, and I have my dignity when I’m here. The food is good as well. I love it at Vienna. I'm excited that I can come for out-patient therapy once I leave."

Beverly Bruce

“When I arrived at Vienna I was very sick, and could not walk because I wasn’t able to bend my knees. But with rehabilitation exercises and wonderful therapists who did everything in their power to help me, I’ve been able to stand and use a walker. Now I’m working with Kristi and Al (therapists) on using a cane to walk.

“My daughter is a nurse and she’s very happy with my progress. Without Kristi and Al, I would not have been able to do what I can today. Everyone is so nice at Vienna, and I’m very content. I love it here.”

Marilyn Majernick
Vienna resident