Vienna Nursing Care Reviews

"I love this place. It's 4-star!" When Patrick came to Vienna, he was unable to complete his daily tasks, but as his health and mobility improved under the care of our therapists, he was able to do all of his personal care.

"The staff is very understanding, and I feel wanted and well-liked here. I enjoy the activities, the rehab — and the food is really good." He gave Vienna the highest compliment of all: "It feels like home."

Patrick Brennan

My name is Jim, and I’m a resident here at Vienna. I lost my hearing in a series of operations, so I'm not much on conversation. Instead, I've learned to watch.

It's been rewarding. I've seen so many acts of kindness shown by the staff. Smiles, soft words, pats on the shoulders, there's a sense of connection, they all make a difference.

I doubt that I could do the work of the nurses, daily caring for us in all our limitations, but I'm sure glad they do. I'm a bit closer to the kitchen, the laundry, the cleaning staff. Theses are jobs I've held from time to time in my life, and I remember them.

I've been here for a while, yet I still wonder at how smooth the day goes. There's a comfort in routines. I know what to expect. Even so, there's the surprise of visitors, of activities where I can be a part. I have a much fuller life that I could have imagined.

Following my last surgery, I kept having nightmares of waking up in a deserted hospital. Several times, I had to call the nurse to prove to myself that I wasn't alone. I haven't been troubled by such dreams since coming here. I feel connected. If I can't be at my home, I'm grateful to be at Vienna.

Jim Hayes
Vienna resident

“My husband, Don, had a stroke seven years ago. He recently fell using his walker and broke four ribs. Don was transferred from the hospital to Vienna where he spent six weeks. I’d visit every day, with our dog — morning, noon and night. I was impressed with the level of care I saw, not only for my husband, but for everyone. The nurses and aids offered special care and kindness to all of the residents. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, Vienna had nice meals and celebrations.

“Don went to daily rehab therapy at Vienna, which helped him heal. I’m interested in their in-house rehabilitation, and would consider Vienna for long-term care if we ever needed it. I would recommend Vienna to anyone. They really go the extra mile.”

Lucile Baumbach
Lodi, CA

"From the date of her admission and beyond, I observed first hand the level of care my mother received during her brief stay at Vienna. It was evident in the way you changed her bedding, adjusted her bed height, secured her in her wheel chair, assisted in her hygiene, and fed her when she could no longer feed herself. The attention she received during her stay was the finest any son could ask of those entrusted with her care.”

Duffy Mendonca
Fresno, CA

“We decided on Vienna because of the bright and cheery atmosphere, pleasant smells, the fact that many of the residents are up, dressed and participating in activities held throughout the day, and because of the friendly, informative personality of Sharon Linn, office manager. Thanks you so much for the wonderful care, both physically and mentally, given to {my mother} by the employees of Vienna. They always handled her with dignity and warmth.”

Jan Talken
Lodi, CA

“My father could not have been in better hands.  As a medical social worker, I have a very comprehensive eye for patient care. The staff at Vienna simply provided consistent and excellent care and I greatly appreciate all their hard work.”

Linda Hansen, MSW

“Because you kept the family informed of Mom’s progress, we knew that she was being cared for.  The staff was always willing to do whatever it took to make her comfortable. We would highly recommend Vienna to anyone that needs a care facility for a loved one”

Ilene and Bob Henry